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White's (formerly George & Jane White Banknotes & Ephemera), is a family business.
My late father, George, was a coin and medal dealer for many years, following a teaching career. About 28 years ago, I, Jane, joined the business, and very shortly after this time, we began dealing in bank notes as well as coins & medals. Within a few short years, the banknotes became far more popular than the coins, and this became our main area of business.
My late mother, Rose, worked with us also for some years until her retirement.
Terry, my husband also now helps out, when he can spare the time from his busy job

We are a life member of the I.B.N.S no 196.

We are a Christian family, and believe that we conduct our business honestly and fairly. We aim to offer a fast, efficient service, and wherever possible, we deal with correspondence within 24 hours of receiving it.

We attend various fairs throughout the year, and enjoy meeting old and new customers at these events.

We hope that you, the collector, has as much enjoyment from your hobby as we do.


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