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All items are sent for your approval, and believed genuine.
Where there is an image of a banknote - it will be an example of the note on offer - as we may have more than one in stock - so the serial number may differ. Feel free to email us if you require a scan of a specific note.
Anything not to your full satisfaction, just return to us within 7 days of receipt . We can be contacted on
Mobile +44 (0) 7788 405159
or by
e-mail janewhite21@hotmail.com


Postage and Packing costs are as follows; 

 Total Item/s Price             Postage Cost
£0.01 - £9.99                        £1.50
£10.00 - £24.99                    £2.00
£25.00 - £74.99                    £2.50
£75.00 - £149.99                  £5.00
£150.00+                              £7.50
Insurance additonal
£4.00 - UK    
£5.00 - Europe/World
(you will need to contact us for an invoice including insurance)

UK Recorded Delivery is an additonal £0.50 (Maxium item/s total £35.00)


1. PAYPAL - This is probably the safest method of payment,and it also speeds up the process of you receiving your items. All you need is an e-mail address and a credit card. Send your payment to my e-mail address (via PayPal.com)   janewhite21@hotmail.com  You can pay in sterling or dollars or euros.
- Payable to "WHITE'S". UK cheques only.
UK sterling cheque - no charge.
NO Euro cheques or US cheques.
3. CASH - US$ , €uros or £ GB Pounds in cash.


G = Good - Worn limp note with tears into design. Graffiti on face and /or reverse. Holes.
VG = Very Good - Worn, limp note. May have graffiti.
F = Fine - Dirty worn note, no tears.
VF = Very Fine - Used note, with a few folds and creases, but still clean & not limp.
EF = Extremely Fine - One crease or maximum of 3 folds. Sharp corners.
UNC = Uncirculated = Mint.
Prefix A = About/almost
Prefix G = Good (ie GVF = Good Very Fine)
Suffix + = slightly better than (ie. VF+ = better than VF but not as good as EF).
T = Vincent Duggleby ref. (British Treasury banknotes.) current edition.
B = Vincent Duggleby ref. (Bank of England banknotes.) current edition.
P = Pick Catalogue:
Volume 1, Specialised, current Edition.
Volume 2, General, current Edition.
Volume 3, Modern, current Edition.
cl = Cleaned
FDC = First Day Cover
ph(s) = Pinhole(s)
wof = Graffiti on face
wor = Graffiti on reverse
st(s) = Stain(s)
wcf = With counterfoil.
pc = Perforation cancelled
cc = Cut cancelled